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VR-120 & VR-GEN Whole House Surge Protector Warranty

Published On: May 23rd, 2024

 Have you ever wondered what keeps our TVs, computers, and other gadgets safe when lightning strikes or when there’s a sudden surge of electricity? The hero behind the scenes is often a device called a surge protector. Acting like a superhero, a surge protector shields our valuable electronics from excessive electrical currents during storms or other unforeseen electrical surges. Today, we’ll delve into the critical tools and gadgets, including the VR-120 & VR-GEN Surge Protection Devices by PSP Products Inc., that help protect our homes from these unpredictable events.

Understanding Surge Protectors 

Types of Surge Protection: Whole-home vs. Point-of-use.

There are two main types of surge protection to keep our electronics safe:

  • Whole-Home Surge Protectors: These are installed where your home’s wiring comes from the outside. They protect all the devices in your home by blocking large surges of electricity from storms or other significant disruptions before they enter your house.
  • Point-of-Use Surge Protectors: These are the power strips in many homes. They’re great for connecting several devices simultaneously, like your computer, printer, and speakers. They stop surges right at the outlet, protecting each plugged-in device individually.

Features of Top Surge Protectors

Features of Top Surge Protectors

Which Surge Protector Best Shield Your Home from Surges?

We’ll discuss the Siemens FirstSurge Pro, the Leviton 120-Volt/240-Volt, and the PSP Vortexx Series R. Interested in installing a surge protection in your Las Vegas home? Contact Electricode at (702) 819-8297.

1. Siemens FirstSurge Pro:

Imagine a super-strong shield protecting your house and gadgets from sudden power spikes. That’s what the Siemens FirstSurge Pro does! It’s like having a superhero guarding your home. Here are some cool things about it:

Key Features: 

This protector can handle up to 100,000 amps of surge current. That’s a lot of power it can stop!

Benefits for Homes and Businesses:

  • Safety: Keeps your electronics safe from damage during storms.
  • Reliability: With Siemens, you can trust that your electrical systems are protected.
  • Cost Savings: Prevents costly repairs by protecting your devices.
  • Peace of Mind: Offers up to $100k for any damages caused by a surge.

2. Leviton 120-Volt/240-Volt Surge Protector:

This surge protector is like a versatile player in sports. It’s great for both homes and small shops or offices. The Leviton 120-Volt/240-Volt Surge Protector is easy to install and provides excellent protection. Whether you need a residential or commercial electrician to help set it up, it is perfect.


This device can shield your electrical gadgets from up to 50,000 amps of surge current.


Great for both home electrical inspections in Las Vegas and electrical troubleshooting in Las Vegas in lighter commercial settings.

3. PSP Vortexx Series R:

The PSP Vortexx Series R is like having an ultra-smart guard for your home’s electronics. It uses special tech to protect from surges:


Includes thermally fused metal oxide varistor (TFMOV) and gas discharge tube (GDT) technology.

Installation and Warranty:

  • Easy Installation: An electrical installation service can be set up in Las Vegas.
  • Warranty Protection: Offers peace of mind with excellent warranty terms.
  • Financial Safety: Covers up to $100k for any damages from surges.

Why Do These Surge Protectors Rock?

These surge protectors are functional and essential for keeping your electrical systems safe. Whether it’s a lightning strike or a power surge, having one of these can save you from spending a lot on repairs. Plus, they’re supported by excellent services like 24-hour electricians and electrical maintenance services in Las Vegas, ensuring you’re always covered!

1. Lifetime Product Coverage:

PSP will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace any VR-120 & VR-GEN Surge Protection Device (SPD) that is defective or is damaged by an electrical surge (including those caused by distant lightning) for the lifetime of the product from the date of the installation by the original owner or owner of record of premises.

2. Down Line Coverage:

PSP Products Inc. will repair or replace (whichever is less) electrical appliances and electronics damaged by a surge in your home, with a maximum coverage per household of $100,000. Coverage is applicable only if the Service Entrance SPD (1) was fully functional immediately before the claim event and properly installed per the installation instructions and (2) sustained surge damage due to the claim event.

External items mounted outside the house are covered under this warranty only if the surge is found to have originated from the main circuit panel due to Service Entrance SPD failure. This provision is stated because all exterior wiring is vulnerable to surges caused by nearby lightning strikes. An additional surge protection device installed at the unit is highly recommended to protect your exterior items best.

Any electronic devices connected to phone lines, data lines, coax connections, cables, antennas, satellite receivers, or any other external connections must have a surge protection device for each external signal connected to the device, or this warranty is voided.

Warranty & Damage Claims:

This warranty does not cover charges for diagnostic fees or any installation or service charges or shipping of damaged units to PSP. Damage claims must be made within 14 days of the occurrence, and the damaged unit must be returned to PSP within 30 days with the original purchase receipts for the damaged items. Returned damaged units require an RMA number to be assigned by PSP Products before receiving and a completed PSP Claim Form. Based on PSP’s test procedures, the damaged unit must be determined to have failed.

This coverage is secondary to any applicable warranties, service contracts, and all other insurance. If the claim is valid, PSP Products Inc will pay up to the deductible amount of the homeowner’s insurance or the cost of the damage, whichever is less. The reimbursement is limited to $1000 per item. All of the above items must be met to have a valid claim.

The above coverage applies to the user only and is the exclusive remedy under this warranty, whether based on contract, tort, including negligence, or otherwise. PSP reserves the right to audit damage, site and cost of repairs and may require a notarized proof of loss. Claims must be made within 14 days of damage.

What is Not Included?

This warranty does not cover damage associated with sustained overvoltages, vandalism, theft, normal wear and tear, obsolescence, abuse, unauthorized modification or alteration, misuse, improper installation or catastrophic events, including direct lightning hits. Except as expressly provided by this warranty, PSP disclaims liability for any incidental, indirect, special, or consequential damages arising out of the sale or use of any

PSP products (including, without limitation, lost business profits, loss of data, and all freight, mileage, travel time, and insurance charges associated with warranty coverage claims). Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and may have other rights varying from state to state. This warranty is valid in the United States and Canada only.

Caution: Effective surge suppression requires correct wiring. To honor the warranty, all surge protection devices must be properly grounded.

Installation Guidelines for Surge Protectors

Installation Guidelines for Surge Protectors

Step-by-Step Installation Process

Installing a surge protector can seem like a big task, but it’s just a few careful steps. Whether setting up a system for outdoor lighting installation in Las Vegas or adding a new ceiling fan installation in Las Vegas, following the manufacturer’s guidelines is essential.

  • Turn off the main power.
  • Connect the surge protector to your electrical panel.
  • Secure all connections and test the unit.

Tips for Optimal Performance and Safety

To ensure your surge protector performs well and safely, consider these tips:

  • Use a 24-hour electrician in Las Vegas for emergency help.
  • Check for electrical code compliance in Las Vegas.
  • Schedule regular electrical maintenance services in Las Vegas.

Maintaining Your Surge Protector:

Maintaining your surge protector is crucial for ensuring its long-term functionality and efficiency. Regular checks and maintenance can prevent failures and extend the life of your device. Here are a few maintenance tips:

  1. Inspect Regularly: Check your surge protector every few months for any signs of wear or damage. Look for discolored outlets, a burnt smell, or a non-functioning status light.
  2. Test the Unit: Most surge protectors come with a test button. Use it periodically to ensure that the protection components are functioning correctly.
  3. Keep It Clean: Dust and debris can accumulate and block the outlets. Keep your surge protector clean and ensure it’s not covered by furniture or carpeting, which can cause overheating.

Expert Surge Solutions

As we’ve explored on Electricode, high-quality surge protectors are essential for safeguarding your valuable electronics from unexpected power surges. These devices protect your equipment and enhance the safety and efficiency of your entire electrical system. We strongly recommend consulting with professional electricians to choose and install the right surge protector tailored to your needs.

Don’t wait for a surge to disrupt your life! Reach out to a professional today for a thorough assessment of your surge protection needs. Visit Electricode for more information and ensure your electronics are protected with the best solutions available. Contact us today at (702) 996 5448 to get professional electrical service in Las Vegas. 


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