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As part of our services, Electricode also offers a variety of media support to enhance our software design and creation.

Our attention to detail and experience in commercial electrical makes us the perfect choice to partner with .

Commercial and Residential

Best practices and understanding of modern electrical code will ensure your home gets the best solution from a certified, dependable contractor.

Modern Electrical

Let Electricode show you our multi-level approach that allows you to choose the most economical solution to modernize your homes electrical system

Get control over
Energy Usage

Let Electricode take the mystery out of modern electrical solutions and help you automate your home.

Begin your modernization journey with Electricode. We are dependable and on time!

Our experience in meeting and exceeding customer expectations makes Electricode the perfect choice for your electrical needs.

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Quick Tips: Troubleshooting

Lost power? Here are a few quick things  to look for before you call 


Each project is a unique work of art

We take great care in completing your special project.  No matter how large or small the project is.

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What Are You Waiting For? Call Electricode Today!

Plan, Install, Test, and Implement Electrical related solutions

With the increasing complexity of electrical projects and systems, Electricode is the right choice for your Unique Solution. We combine on staff experienced electrical contractors, with on staff Software engineers to ensure all aspects of the project can be understood


What Are You Waiting For? Call Electricode Today!

With the increasing choices for home automation, Electricode is the right choice for you.

Experienced electrical contractors with on staff Software developers, will help you get your home automation project complete with easy to understand, practical solutions

Wiring people for success.

Electricode offers a full line of unique services needed for your special project.

Understanding various types of automated solutions makes Electricode the perfect choice for your special projects.  We take the complexity out of these types of projects.

Electricode Commercial and Residential Electrical Solutions.

 Installing and maintaining electrical power systems, conduits, cables, control panels, generators, lighting systems, video and data systems, and low voltage systems.

We're here to help you understand your electrical issues!

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Update lighting

LED light bulbs are good quality, last longer and are ultimately going to save money over time.

Automation Solutions

Small business owners are always looking for ways to lower expenses, increase productivity and safeguard their assets. Automated business products are one solution, making it possible to program certain key activities to occur automatically, and removing one set of worries from small business owners.

Commercial and Residential

Electricode aspires to serve all our customers with integrity and provide high quality, correct, and honest electrical work.

The basic steps to provide Electrical solutions…

Most solutions are developed/resolved  by understanding and following the basic steps below

Gather information

Understand the malfunction

Identify which parameters need to be evaluated

Identify the source of the problem

Correct/repair the component

Verify the repair

Perform root cause analysis


Understand code, review blueprints and coordinate with engineers


Determine runs, Product Choices, Costs and man power to achieve results


Phisical implementation of design by licensed professional


Thoroughly test all circuits and document results

Dependable electrical solutions

We aspire to serve all our customers with integrity and provide high quality, correct, and honest electrical work.